Friday, September 24, 2010

Hippy to Hip

One of my top favorite celebrity transformation hairstyles has to be Gwen. Her long straight hippy hair doesn't do it for me the way her short hair does. . Her long neck is exposed and brightens up her smile. She is too old and too pretty to hide behind the madness. This bob she has going on is cut to perfection. Its perfectly shaped, perfectly textured, and a clean blunt angle that supports her elegant facial structure.
Note: This haircut is not for everyone. Your texture has to be just right. The razor is used in her haircut but not all hair types require a razor. If you have a different texture but really like this length then it can still be done with the right technique and tools.

I could also write a whole post on her hair color. Again, perfection! It's just enough gold to make those platinum strands really pop out at you. To all you Blondies out there... Don't be afraid of gold in your hair. There is a difference between golden and brassy! Find a hairstylist that can do it right! If you need a hairstylist that can do it right...Salvage can help you.

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  1. I love this! Do more do more! I would never notice this stuff but when you point it out it is so obvious. It is fascinating to me what a difference a cut can make. Do more!