Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stacy Lynn speaks

Thank you Stacy Lynn Photography for letting me style your beautiful hair last week. Thank you for taking such nice pictures of our salon and saying kind things about us on your blog!! Click here to check it out.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Waiting for Bean: Bang-A-Rang.

After my last post about bangs I was scrolling through my favorite blogs and found this post!!! Waiting for Bean: Bang-A-Rang
The Johnson family visited our salon on Saturday and got their hair done by our newest "family member" Shanda Wallace. Brandi had such nice things to say and her bangs, serioulsy??? So damn cute.

It's the season for a good Bang.

We have all asked the question, " Bang or no bang?" Do you have the right face shape? Do I have to style them and blow dry them everyday in order for them to look good? Can I even pull off this look without looking like I am 7 years old again? These are some of the few questions we struggle with.

In my personal experience, bangs are work. You do have to take a little extra styling time everyday to make them look good. I have bangs right now and I love them. I wake up in the morning and I look like a homeless man but, whatever. Regardless, bangs are fun!!! They make any haircut look chic. Yes, you have to take a little extra time to style them but it's worth it.
I could actually go on and on about Helena Christensen's hair here. ...Actually, I think I will. Not only are her bangs chic but her layers create so much movement here. Her length shows off her chest and shoulders just enough to give her a max amount of natural volume. Her hair color is a rich chocolate brown that bring out her bright eyes. Superb.

OK so here are your choices: We will start off with my favorite bang. The full frontal bang..Sounds kinky right? I knew you were thinking that. Shame on you, we are talking hair here. This bang is the most fashion forward

The complaint I hear most in my chair is, " I want to keep my length but I feel like I have no style" Well ladies, this is your answer! Bang Bang Boom!
Again, Great color brown huh? Eyes? Stunning!

Here is a picture of Jessica Alba. She thinks she is really cool here. Not so cool. But her hair looks really modern and fun.

Here is two examples of a straight across bang that is less heavy, more textured and light. It's perfect for all types of hair but looks best on a finer texture of hair.

Moving on to the most popular bang. Side swoop bang. Again, we are talking hair here people. If you are debating cutting bangs, start here. Its safe, easy to style and easy to grow out once you change your mind. Which you will because your a women and hormones flow through our blood.
After reading this article. What are your thoughts? Are you ready for a change? Are you satisfied with what you have? Have you had a bad experience with bangs before? Do tell.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Hippy to Hip

One of my top favorite celebrity transformation hairstyles has to be Gwen. Her long straight hippy hair doesn't do it for me the way her short hair does. . Her long neck is exposed and brightens up her smile. She is too old and too pretty to hide behind the madness. This bob she has going on is cut to perfection. Its perfectly shaped, perfectly textured, and a clean blunt angle that supports her elegant facial structure.
Note: This haircut is not for everyone. Your texture has to be just right. The razor is used in her haircut but not all hair types require a razor. If you have a different texture but really like this length then it can still be done with the right technique and tools.

I could also write a whole post on her hair color. Again, perfection! It's just enough gold to make those platinum strands really pop out at you. To all you Blondies out there... Don't be afraid of gold in your hair. There is a difference between golden and brassy! Find a hairstylist that can do it right! If you need a hairstylist that can do it right...Salvage can help you.

You've Got Mail

We ALL remember this era right? Yes, Meg Ryan's shaggy shag was an "era" in and of itself. Do we all agree here? The sexy, boy-ish, flirty bob, besides the Jennifer Aniston haircut from Friends, was revolutionary. Every hair salon was sweeping up magazine pictures of this haircut left behind from every women's purse. We all wanted to be her

Are you thinking here what I am thinking? Its been 12 years since Meg shook our hair world. This haircut..has not dated. Its still classic. Its still sexy. Its still flirty. And what I love most about this look is, you can wear it at age 23 and age 63. Depending on your personality, it becomes who you are. If you have been debating cutting your hair into something sassy, textured and fun, you can't go wrong with this look. Agreed?

Our gem of a place

Hello. My name is Jessica and this is my husband Mike.We are the proud owners of this little gem.

It was almost one year ago that our dreams became reality. Our dream was to create a salon where clients feel relaxed, content and happy. A place that feels like a home away from home. A place clients will walk away feeling like they had an "experience". An experience they can trust time and time again.

People often ask where we got our name? Salvage was fitting for two reasons. One, we have a passion for salvaging old vintage furniture and giving it a new life. All of the furniture in our salon is either vintage or refurnished by our own hands. I was 8 months pregnant staying up until 3am spray painting and sanding ( before you judge, I wore a mask). It was hard work, but worth it. Salvage also means, bringing life into your look. We make you feel good about your hair and beauty. Salvage not just a salon. Its an experience.

I hope you enjoy our blog. Here you will find new trends. Video tutorial "how to" videos. Discount specials. Advice on beauty. Inspiration. Stories from clients. Our favorite local spots. Music and anything and everything that people of Salvage love.